A Garden Wedding in Arlington

This beautiful, intimate garden wedding was the only thing warmer than the summer breeze that afternoon.  Roland and Kathy had their nuptials at their front yard in Arlington.  As they exchanged vows under the birch tree canopy, their family and closest friends look on with smiles and happy tears and the Best man (Kathy’s dog) watches as they put the rings on.  The groom’s suit was all white and the bride wore a colorful summer dress.  A white canopy created the intimate dining space lined with casual long tables and chairs and welcomed the guests after the “Short but sweet” ceremony.  Wine barrels were scattered around the property where bottles of wine and clear cups awaited the thirsty.  Kids playing tag or hide and seek, boys tossing the football around and more were in the backyard enjoying the bouncy house the couple rented for the grand kids.  The meal was a delicious Bar-B-Q treat cooked on site by Texas Smokehouse Bar-B-Q.  This is the way to do it if your goal is to share a simple gathering with family, love, fun and good memories.

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